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Everyday People

If you have obtained financial advice and aren’t sure it’s right for you, I can assess and help you decide if the options are right for you. It will be a chance to ask all the tricky questions about financial advice before you jump in. Wouldn’t you love to feel in control, empowered, and confident when you take that step to seek advice? I have been on the inside, I know the answers, I have heard most (if not all) of your questions before.

But you won’t be offending me, I work for You, not the people you are ultimately going to receive advice from. Find out the what, why and how – then go forward with style and confidence. And if you are still not sure, I can give you an experienced, coal-face opinion on your advice once it is prepared so you can ask questions, clarify your options, and navigate and translate what you are going to be doing. Then you can go on and implement your advice and… relax!.


For Advisers

How many times have you seen a client who you know you can help, but they just aren’t sure? You know you can add value, make them safer and more secure, and help them achieve their goals, but there is just something that you can’t get across. They are being influenced by the media headlines, the Royal Commission scare factor, the stories they have heard. It’s not necessarily you, they are just not experienced enough with the process to know if they can trust you or not, and as you know, it is a big commitment. You have time pressures, you have cost pressures, you know you do a good job, it’s your passion after all. You wouldn’t be putting up with the compliance, the community negativity, the ongoing study commitments, if you didn’t want to make a difference. Let us help you help them. Save time, feel great, and get the commitments to advice you deserve.


Public Speaking

Melinda has experience with TV, Radio, Podcasts and Public Speaking.

She has been published in magazines, newspapers and industry newsletters. Melinda is an advocate for good advice, and an advocate for consumers getting good advice, but hates corruption, bad advice, and people being ripped off.

If you want information on the industry from an Insider who is now outside, give me a yell!

Sick of being considered to be working for the devil as an adviser, she wants advice to improve, and is happy to tell the stories that need to be told.


How I can help

Enquire about our services – Free If you wish to discuss how we can help you and get more information on what we do, please contact us via email or book a free meeting on our facebook page. e.g. Will you tell me how to find a financial planner?


Phone or Email Opinion

30 minutes – $70
1 hour – $120

I can answer your Financial Planning queries via phone or email. Get all of your personal queries answered so you can take the next step to advice with confidence. I will explain the process, average costs, some of the risks, and reasons advice could help you make the most of your opportunities.

Example scenario: “I am looking for assistance with superannuation contributions, will it be worthwhile seeing a financial adviser, or should I just google it?”

The one hour session is more suitable if you think you have more complex queries around advice and what you need to look for, and wish to be certain going forward with advice is for you. e.g. I want to buy an investment property, who do I contact first, and how do I know it will be worth doing?

Example scenario: “I am looking for assistance with superannuation contributions, is it worthwhile seeing a financial adviser, or should I just google it?”


Detailed Opinion 

3 hours – $290

I will provide an opinion on your advice through a thorough discussion with you and then detailed written opinion of your advice document.

If you take or have taken the next step and had a Statement of Advice prepared, I can provide an independent opinion on whether your advice is suitable for your needs.

I will talk to you first, then tell you what we consider are the good parts, answer your questions, and help you query anything that may not look quite right, so you can clarify, question and understand your advice and move forward with confidence.

Example scenario: I have a document telling me to change my super fund, make superannuation contributions, and then retire in 1 year. How do I know the advice makes sense?


Attend Appointment & Opinion 

 4 hours – $490 (plus travel)

I will accompany you to your initial appointment in Melbourne and prepare an opinion on your advice when it is provided.

If you don’t want to go alone, I will attend your first meeting with you, ask questions for you, and help you understand the process.

Then once you have received your advice, I will provide a Detailed Opinion as outlined in package 2. 

This comprehensive package option ensures you have peace of mind from start through to finish, as I guide you through the process and explain things along the way. 

Then you can move forward with your advice knowing that you have made the right choice for your future and that of your family.

Example scenario: “I don’t know what to ask, I don’t want to look stupid, I don’t know how it works, but I want to get advice”


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