Ouch! – I am so grateful I can type this!

I can type. With both hands. (Just).

10 days ago, I was carrying a large heavy box of stuff to donate to the charity shop out to the car. I couldn’t see where my feet were going, but I thought I was ok to get the box in the car, as I had opened the back of the car, opened the gate, and had a clear path.

Unfortunately my foot just missed the edge of the path and went into the garden bed, and I lost balance and fell hard with the big heavy box, onto the concrete driveway.
I knew I had hurt myself and felt a bit shaky, so I just sat for a few minutes with a box of children’s costumes and teddy bears and books sprawled across the driveway. A friendly neighbour came over, picked up the stuff and put the box in the car for me, but I wouldn’t let him help me up. I wasn’t sure if I was really hurt or just a little bit hurt, but I knew it hurt.

After a few minutes I tried to put my left hand down on the ground, then very quickly decided that was not a great idea. So I put the other hand down and managed to stand up, thank my neighbour for his help, and make it to an armchair inside before the spinning in my head sent me tumbling again.

Now I have never broken anything other than a toe, (and I’m not sure that counts), so I didn’t think I had this time either, I thought I might have some soft tissue damage in my forearm, so of course – icepack, elevation, and rest.

But after a painful and sleepless night (I refused to face emergency in the middle of the night just to be told I had soft tissue damage) I decided to go to the GP.
He immediately referred me straight to the Public Hospital over the road for x-rays. He was not of the same soft tissue outcome opinion as I was and feared I had a broken wrist.

So a couple of hours later, I was told I had a dislocated elbow, ligament damage, and had broken the top off my radius (elbow). Ouch!
Then I was told it would be put in a sling, and I could see the surgeon at the hospital in two weeks.

Did you hear the bit where I said Ouch?

Well, the thing I said then was IhaveprivatehealthcoverandIwanttouseit (I have private health cover and I want to use it said very quickly without a break in the words and no breaths)
Within 30 mins I had surgery booked at a private hospital, was operated on and home by 11 am the next morning.

So now, after 10 days, I can type with both hands (just). But I am absolutely horrified that anyone without private health cover would be left in that degree of pain and broken for 2 weeks before even seeing a surgeon. And that I would today have still not been treated.

The “stories” say that you do not need private health cover in an emergency. That you will be treated the same way under the public system. Well, I consider all the money I have spent to be worth it in just this one incident. I am healing now.

I even managed to get the box of stuff delivered to the charity store today (although I didn’t carry it from the car obviously, they did that for me).

I would be a blithering, crying, painful, half badly healed mess without the cover, and you can forget Christmas, I would probably still be waiting for surgery as things closed down over the break.

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