Budget Tax Cuts – Fair or Unfair?

Budget Tax cuts

Budget night, the night that most financial professionals look forward to and tell their kids they cannot be interrupted whilst watching.  Interested in which announcements media were right about, and which announcements the Government decided not to leak so that they had some surprises to announce. There are always good and bad things in the … Read more

Don’t Freak Out

crisis financial relaxation

Wow, just wow right? Who would have thought that with everything going on in the world, people would be threatening violence over trying to buy bulk toilet rolls and for no real reason? Social media does have a lot to answer for here, but so does regular media, human nature, our education system, and a … Read more

How Dare You?

Insider out

Good advice is out there. Need help finding it? Have a look at this article in ifa magazine for some of my opinions. Financial Relaxation is worth the effort of finding good advice. https://www.ifa.com.au/opinion/27588-how-dare-you?utm_source=IFA&utm_campaign=03_02_20&utm_medium=email&utm_content=1&utm_emailID=875810f374cc3eca150051e410dca50cc0f8b47e23ea8c2d0b5125838e386b90

It feels wrong, but is it actually alright?

Bushfire Insurance

The smoke haze is distressing, and we are only 20 kms from Melbourne CBD, nowhere near the fires, nowhere near the disaster areas. This haze is a mild annoyance to us, but it is enough for us to feel empathy for those who are really suffering. And increasingly as well as empathy, some guilt. Guilt … Read more

Ouch! – I am so grateful I can type this!

I can type. With both hands. (Just). 10 days ago, I was carrying a large heavy box of stuff to donate to the charity shop out to the car. I couldn’t see where my feet were going, but I thought I was ok to get the box in the car, as I had opened the … Read more